Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: A one-time, non-refundable, annual registration fee of $50.00 is due per student and must be submitted at the time of registration.

NOTE: For families registering more than one child, the fee will be $75.00/family.

Tuition Payment Plans: Royale Ballet offers either 1) a semester plan, or 2) an installment plan as method of payment.

 Weekly   Classes


Early semester payment plan qualifies for 5%

Fall early deadline: Jul. 31

Spring early deadline: Dec. 31

TOTAL (5% discount)


(Payments are due on or before the 5th
of the month)


$325/sem. ($309.00)


1 Class/Week

$350/sem. ($333.00)


2 Classes/Week

$550/sem. ($522.00)


3 Classes/Week

$700/sem. ($665.00)


4 Classes/Week

$800/sem. ($760.00)


5 Classes/Week

$900/sem. ($855.00)


6 Classes/Week

$950/sem. ($903.00)


Unlimited Weekly

(10 & under)

$1000/sem. ($950.00)


Unlimited Weekly

(Grade 4 – Intermediate Foundation)

$1100/sem. ($1045.00)


Unlimited Weekly

(Intermediate – Advanced 2)

$1300/sem. ($1235.00)





Family Discounts: Family discounts are given only for full semester tuition payments. Families with multiple children enrolled will receive 5% off the lowest tuition. In the case of three siblings, the one with the lowest tuition receives a 10% discount, and the second lowest receives a 5% discount. Sibling discounts may be combined with the early full semester payment plan.

Scholarships: Scholarships are determined on a case-by-case basis at the Director’s sole discretion.

Late Payments: A $10 LATE FEE will be applied to all accounts not paid-in-full by the 5th of each month. Additionally, a $20.00 SERVICE FEE will be applied to an account for checks returned to Royale Ballet by the bank. Returned checks cannot be re-deposited. Statements are available upon request.

Attendance: No CREDIT, REFUNDS, or ADJUSTMENTS will be given if a student is absent or for classes missed on bad weather days. Missed classes cannot be used in place of payment. In a case of a bad weather day, a notice will be posted on the board of a make-up class time.

Withdrawing from Classes: Royale Ballet must be given at least one month’s notice in writing if a  student decides to discontinue classes. The notice must be mailed to Royale Ballet or hand-delivered to the office, to the attention of Angela Sham, Director. Refunds will only be given in cases of a medical emergency or an unforeseen circumstance, in which case a month’s paid notice will be required.

Additionally, any student who elects to leave Royale Ballet after agreeing to participate in the annual Recital is liable for any costume(s) already ordered or purchased on their behalf. The costume fee and all other recital fees must be paid in full.