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Dance instills discipline and structure for furthering student development and personal growth. As such, Royale Ballet Dance Academy has specific dress code and school policies to help students get the most out of their dance experience! See below for details.


  • Students must arrive 10 minutes before class begins to allow time to
    dress and warm up. Please enter the studio as soon as the previous
    class is dismissed. DO NOT WAIT IN LOBBY.

  • RAD Grade 6 and up students will not be allowed in class if more
    than 20 minutes late. If late, report to the office before entering

  • Students must be promptly picked up upon the completion of their
    class. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about ride

  • Students may not leave class without the consent of the instructor.

  • Students must keep the studio clean.

  • Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards their
    instructors and fellow students at all times.

  • All students must be neat in appearance and are required to adhere
    to the dress code for each class.

  • No eating or chewing gum is allowed during class.

  • All rehearsals are mandatory.

  • Children are not allowed to be left unsupervised anywhere in the

  • Parents are asked to maintain an atmosphere of discipline by not
    interrupting classes. Parents may watch classes through the viewing
    window, although the instructor may close the blinds at their

  • Parents may enter studios to observe classes by invitation only.

  • If you require a conference with an instructor, please call the
    office at 972.818.4949 or email us at to
    make an appointment. Impromptu meetings can be disturbing to class
    schedules and may not allow parents, students, and instructors to
    thoroughly voice concerns.

  • If a student will be absent from class, he or she must give the
    school notice by calling/leaving a message at 972.818.4949 or by

  • Students and parents are expected to obey the state laws regarding
    smoking, illegal drugs, parking, etc.

School Policies & Dress Code: Homepage_about


Please note that the dress code listed below is a fundamental outline. Additional items may be needed. Please contact the office if you have specific questions or need to know where to purchase supplies. There is a dance store located next to the studio (Dancewear City) that carries most items. 


Pre-Primary l, Pre-Primary ll & Primary Ballet 

Pink or black leotard, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes


Grades 1 - 3 

Lavender Leotard, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes

Grades 4 - 5 

Burgundy Leotard, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes


Intermediate Foundation - Advanced II 

Black Leotard, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes


Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, and Lyrical 

Black leotard, black or tan tights, black tap shoes, TAN jazz shoes, dance socks for lyrical & contemporary, TAN jazz shoes for musical theatre.



Appropriate dance clothes, dance sneakers at teacher’s discretion



Heeled character shoes, Character skirt 


Heeled flamenco shoes and flamenco skirt

All dance forms and levels require hair to be pulled back in a neat bun.

School Policies & Dress Code: Homepage_about
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